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Appalachian Trail is a public footpath stretching over 2,150 miles through 14 states. From Georgia’s forested Springer Mountain to Maine’s mighty monolith Katahdin, this continuously marked footpath winds through the scenic, wooded, pastoral, wild and cultured lands of the Appalachian Mountains.

Continental Divide Trail lies on the ridges and high granite peaks of the Rocky Mountains primarily on the public lands in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. As it follows the great divide for approximately 3,200 miles it crosses delicate tundra, thick praires, dense conifer forest, remote canyons, volcanic lava flows and high desert sage flats in some of America’s wildest lands.

Pacific Crest Trail travels along the spectacular shoulders of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges from Mexico to Canada. For over 2,600 miles the trail passes through California, Oregon and Washington states. On its way it crosses six of the seven life zones found in North America. Trailside scenic beauty is found in the high and dry desert chapparral, along the alpine lakes and wildflower meadows, in the mixed conifer forests and the volcanic snowcapped peaks.

Hayduke TrailHayduke Trail winds its way for 812 miles across the arid lands of southern Utah and northern Arizona. This route entirely on public lands traverses six national parks of the Colorado Plateau and showcases the diversity of the region. Here you will find natural arches and bridges, twisted spires and hoodoos, narrow slot canyons and sand dunes, delicate cactus wildflowers and grizzled old juniper trees as it passes through some of the most rugged, desolate and hauntingly beautiful land in the world.

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