Artist’s  Statement


“To leave only foot prints and take only photographs” has been my dictum for the past 20 years.

Through the physical endeavor of backpacking, skiing and climbing I pass as a participate in the natural world we live in.

Through pre-visualization, dynamic light and technical proficiency each image is photographed the very first time I witnessed the grandeur before me. My ability to control these factors are never absolute and luck has a hand in each one of them.

Through planning, preparation and timing I increase my chances to “get lucky” and may capture an extraordinary moment I would have otherwise missed.

Through the symbolic relationship between nature and art one expects to see images of locations and events that are uncommon as well as inspiring.

Through my images I try to capture the spirit of the place in relation to its natural environment. My photographic style is rooted in the adventure and the desire to capture these fleeting moments in time.

What I hope stays with the viewer is the experience of sharing my adventures and vision through my images.

These are the challenges that inspire me and with my photographs I hope to inspire you.

Just passing through..